Norfolk County Council Short Breaks

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Short break services give disabled children and young people an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy different experiences.

Short breaks come in all shapes and sizes and give disabled children and their families a break from their caring responsibilities.

A short break could last a few hours, a day, evening, overnight or for a weekend. They could take place in or away from the home.

They can involve supporting families to take a short break together away from the routine of daily life or can be a break for the child away from the family.

Short Breaks Application Form

Short Breaks Renewal Form

Resource Allocation System (RAS) - This is a tool that NCC use to helps to determine the level of support disabled children and young people require on a day to day basis. This will give an indicative level of funding for a disabled child to support their needs in the home and in the community.

RAS Questionnaire (Primary)

RAS Questionnaire (Secondary)

Contact the Short Breaks team at NCC -

Pre-Paid Card - how to login

Pre-Paid Financial Services – Short breaks pre-paid card

SENsational Families have put this together as its something we are often asked. We hope this helps:

If you want to login to your account connected to your pre-paid card, where you can then upload receipts, set up direct debits etc and check your balance, it is really easy.

Just follow the below instructions.

  1. Click on the website - Prepaid Financial Services

  2. At the top right hand side click on CARDHOLDER LOGIN

  3. Click on the middle box - Council / NHS cardholders

  4. Find Norfolk and click on it.

  5. Now click on the button – I do not have a Username / Password and register – you will need your card with you to do this!!