Neuro developmental services for Norfolk

Positive Behaviour Support - Just One Norfolk Positive behaviour support (PBS) is a programme for families of children with additional needs produced by our partners in Norfolk Community Health and Care and Family Action. It was developed originally to give group support to families of children who had been referred for assessment by a specialist team. These sessions have been developed during the Covid-19 outbreak to offer support to all families with additional needs. During the course you will hear the term neurodevelopmental disorder which refers to conditions such as autism (autistic spectrum disorder, ASD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is really important to remember that having a name for your child’s condition does not alter how your child behaves. This course will help you think about the messages your child is trying to communicate to you and some practical skills and strategies to help you manage your child in a positive way. Click here to go to the course Positive Behaviour Support Course for Families by Family Action Session 1

Session 2

Family Action - Family Line Family pressures can sometimes be difficult to manage without emotional support and guidance to help. Many people feel confused by what information is available or struggle to access services close to home. Our free FamilyLine service tackles these issues in a new and innovative way by using a network of volunteers from across the country to support family members over the age of 18 through telephone calls, email, web chat and text message. The service aims to:

  • provide both immediate and long-term support

  • help with practical information and guidance

  • provide emotional and listening support

  • help with understanding and accessing relevant services and information

  • provide regular one-to-one befriending support to service users feeling isolated

  • access to short term telephone counselling

  • a referral into our many projects across England and Wales, where relevant.

Click here to go the Family Action website where there is more information about Family Line Solihull Parenting Course The Solihull Approach ‘Understanding Your Child’ is a free online course available for everyone who cares for children aged 0-18 years. It’s there to help you recognise emotions in yourself and your child to see how they can impact on behaviour. The course can help increase your confidence as a parent or carer so that difficulties encountered in everyday life are reduced by seeing the child’s behaviour from their point of view. A closer relationship between you and the child can develop, resulting in a calmer and happier household for everyone. You can do this course for free on the Just One Norfolk website by entering this access code: JON70 Click here for the Just One Norfolk Free Online Learning Information for parents living in Suffolk - click here I don’t know where I am on the pathway If you live in Norfolk (excluding Great Yarmouth) If you live in Great Yarmouth & Waveney Speech, Language and Communication If you are worried about you child, the first thing to do is speak to your school/Setting. But there is also lots of information below! Norfolk

  • 0 - 5 years - Norfolk County Council Family Services for more information

  • 5+ yrs - Just on Norfolk for more information


  • 0 - 5 years - Suffolk County Council Family Services

  • 5+yrs - Healthy Suffolk

The Communication Trust has lots of information and resources What can I do while we awaiting assessment/further intervention? Check our ecch or the Communication Trust Mental Health If you are worried about your child there are some links below Norfolk Waveney For the most up to date information visit Point 1 Other places you can get information from are available on the NHS Mental Health Support Page